Simple Home Remedies That Will Keep the Snakes Away

New Orleans snake

Encounter with snakes will be more frequent when the temperature ranges at around 80-90 degrees r after it rains. They will be active in the early morning and at night. While most of them may be harmless, most of us will still not be comfortable with the idea of sharing our space with them. Once we notice a sign of snake activity, our recommendation is to hire the professionals' service since it is the safest method. They have the equipment, tools, and skills to deal with them effectively.

Home Remedies to Prevent Snake Infestation
However, there are some situations when homeowners are willing to take the risk and do the removal and exclusion method on their own. Perhaps they want to save more cash, or their preferred solution could be readily available inside their house.

Are There Any Natural products that Will Work Against Snake Invasion?
Unfortunately, the idea that a homemade repellent can deter the snake from visiting our house has no scientific proof. Additionally, some of these repellents, like naphthalene and ammonia, can expose you to some health risks. Therefore, we highly advise you to stay away from them. If you plan to use vinegar, lime, or garlic and onions, do not expect a great result. Snakes may have a powerful sense of smell, but these will not be enough to irritate them. Nonetheless, you might want to try some simple tricks to keep them away. Fox urine may be able to keep them for a while, but once they noticed that there are no real foxes in the area, they will still return to your house, especially if you don't get rid of the things attracting them.

Do I Need to Change My Landscaping to Discourage Snake Invasion?
If you noticed that your garden keeps attracting snakes, simple changes might make your place less vulnerable to snake infestation. For starters, try removing the piles of clutters and debris that you will find in your area. These things will provide the snake with a covering. You should also trim down the grasses and shrubs since snakes love to move in places where they can conceal their movement. You may want to consider installing a snake fence made from steel mesh. Bury it and be sure that it is at least 3ft high. You can also surround it with mulches like eggshells, pine cones, and gravel. Creating a place that is less desirable in the eye of the serpent will make your place snake-free.

Finally, try to hide the hiding areas of the snake. They can live in the abandoned burrows of the rodents, in the dark and damp areas of your house, and the crevices. By sealing those areas and removing their access, you are making your place less vulnerable to snake problems. Ask the snake removal expert to inspect your place and find any possible hiding area of the snake. They can also provide you recommendations on the right thing to do. Go back to the home page: Snakes of New Orleans